How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Connecticut: The Emerald Ash Borer

Our time for removing Ash trees (Fracinus Americana) or preventing their demise.

Christopher Dart. 04 Feb, 2016.

If you have Ash trees on your property, you'll need to listen up.

Since the 1990's, Emerald Ash Borer had become a distant threat to us.  EAB was imported to Walmart, Detroit in the mid to late 90's.  It was discovered in Michigan in 2002.  The insect will travel as much as two miles per year.  At that rate, EAB can Be expected to arrive in our trees around the year 2400AD... allegedly.

The problem arose with the transport of wood.  By 2011, infested firewood had been transported to Prospect, CT.  A processor claimed, on YouTube, 22% of his customers were in Durham, CT.  A visit to Durham last year revealed to me the rapid destruction of Ash trees.  The residents and town now have the burden of paying for expensive tree removals.

Last year, the DEEP indicated many towns East of the River as far away as Sprague and as far north as Ellington had a two-year infestation.  Ash trees decline rapidly after their third year of infestation due to the exponential growth in population of larvae in the sapwood.  With this huge increase in population, the sapwood is quickly consumed preventing water from reaching the branches resulting in dead canopies.  At this point, it becomes impossible to translocate insecticide from the roots to the branches.

This year is our opportunity to save our Ashes.  The window of opportunity is brief.  Correct application of the proper materials at the right time by a licensed arborist will effectively preserve valuable Ash trees.  The cost to protect our trees is far less than the cost of removal.

The good news is in a non-stinging wasp known as Oobius Agrilli.  This insect will plant her eggs in the EAB larvae, reducing EAB populations to a level not lethal to the tree.  I believe the establishment of Oobius in our area will take two or three years.

If we stick with a proactive program for our Ash trees for a few years, we may be "out of the woods," as far as our Ashes are concerned.